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Mussolini’s Rome: Rebuilding the Eternal City

Rome used to be Mussolini's obsession. After coming to energy because of his famed march at the urban in 1922, he promised Italians that his fascist revolution might unite them as by no means prior to and make Italy an incredible strength at the global degree. within the subsequent twenty years, he set approximately rebuilding Rome because the best web site and image of the recent fascist order.

Emotion, Restraint, and Community in Ancient Rome

Emotion, Restraint, and group examines the ways that feelings, and discuss feelings, interacted with the ethics of the Roman higher periods within the past due Republic and early Empire. by means of contemplating how a number of Roman types of worry, dismay, indignation, and revulsion created an financial system of displeasure that formed society in confident methods, the ebook casts new gentle either at the Romans and on cross-cultural realizing of feelings.

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From a pre-eminent biographer within the box, this well-documented and illustrated biography examines the lifestyles and time of the emperor Vespasian and demanding situations the validity of his perennial reliable acceptance and universally stated achievements. studying got reviews on Vespasian, Barbara Levick examines how this plebeian and uncharismatic Emperor restored peace and self belief to Rome and ensured a soft succession.


A brand new translation of the philosophical trip that has encouraged luminaries from Matthew Arnold to invoice Clinton Written by means of an highbrow Roman emperor, the Meditations supply quite a lot of non secular reflections constructed because the chief struggled to appreciate himself and the universe. Marcus Aurelius covers issues as various because the query of advantage, human rationality, the character of the gods, and his personal feelings, spanning from doubt and depression to conviction and exaltation.

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His greatest fault was uncontrollable generosity,” says Durant. ”30 Titus ruled for just two years, dying of fever at the age of 81. ”31 Roman Theater Despite their low stations in life, the plebeian craftspeople contributed to the culture of Rome as builders and artisans, filling their city with impressive statuary as well as murals and ceramics. The arts and literature were important components of ancient Roman culture. In 55 BC the Roman consul Pompey ordered construction of the city’s first theater.

Along the way the slaves looted Italian cities, killing freeborn citizens, setting fires, and inflicting other forms of mayhem. Back in Rome 52 the slave-owning aristocrats were horrified by the uprising and found themselves living in fear, wondering whether their household slaves would rise against them and join the revolt. They demanded the Roman Senate take action and put down the uprising. The Senate responded by sending Roman legions to halt the advance of the slave army, but the soldiers met with mixed results, winning some confrontations with the slaves but losing many as well.

Following the battle, Pyrrhus returned to his kingdom. He was killed in a street brawl in 272 BC. Quoted in Terrence Poulos, Extreme War: The Biggest, Best, Bloodiest, and Worst in Warfare. New York: Kensington, 2004, p. 77. 35 year, Hannibal led a force of 40,000 soldiers across the Mediterranean to attack Rome and avenge the defeat of Carthage in the First Punic War. At first, it seemed as though the Second Punic War would be won swiftly by the Carthaginians. Hannibal led his army, which included a herd of elephants, through Spain and across the Alps, then south into Italy.

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