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Facts Converter Histories
Fundamentals of Sampled facts Systems
Data Converter structure, strategy expertise, trying out, Interfacing, aid Circuits, purposes, layout concepts

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30: AD7520, the First Monolithic CMOS Multiplying 10-Bit DAC, 1974 The AD7520 and AD7541 were the beginning of an entire product line of general purpose multiplying CMOS DACs from Analog Devices. 3, Data Converters of the 1980s. Another useful feature for a DAC is the addition of an on-chip latch (generally referred to as a "buffered" DAC). The latch allows the DAC to be connected to a microprocessor data bus. 31, was an 8-bit multiplying CMOS DAC which had an on-chip latch. Data is loaded into the DAC by first asserting the CHIP SELECT pin.

W. W. Rouse Ball and H. S. M. Coxeter, Mathematical Recreations and Essays, Thirteenth Edition, Dover Publications, 1987, pp. 50, 51. (describes a mathematical puzzle for measuring unknown weights using the minimum number of weighing operations. The solution proposed in the 1500's is the same basic successive approximation algorithm used today). Note on Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) system history: Although most of the information regarding the various ABM systems was classified at the time, today the information is in the public domain.

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