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The history of the Fig. 23, a. ) reptile group, as traced by fossil remains, shows the group to have emerged gradually from the Amphibians in the late Carboniferous (perhaps 250 million years ago), and then, when firmly established in the Permian, to have undergone a kind of evolutionary outburst in the Triassic, producing several unique types. Many of FIG. 25. Fossil sea reptile. ) these types then disappear from the fossil record, but are replaced a little later by other kinds of reptiles. Then, during the Jurassic and Cretaceous, the reptile group breaks out into a welter of new forms.

15. pharynx in a manner very reminiscent of the way in which a structure known as the endostyle of Amphioxus develops. Amphioxus itself is regarded as a lowly developed relative of the vertebrates. As a general statement it is found to be true that the early stages in the development of the different vertebrates bear very strong resemblances to one another ; and, far from looking like their own adult forms, bear a very considerable likeness to young stages of more lowly developed types, a fact which has been rather fancifully expressed bjT 1 The gill slits do not become perforated in all cases, and are then more properly called pharyngeal pouches.

In these latter cases the final cause of extinction would seem to have been the utter lack of fear with which these birds regarded man, together with their inability to fly, which made them an easy prey. 1 As we have already seen, the study of fossils has shown that there have been many types of men and sub-men who, for some reason or other, have failed to survive.

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