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All approximately area is a per thirty days clinical journal, focusing totally on cosmological occasions, astronomical counsel, and astronautical exploration. It was once first released in June 2012 by way of the British writer think Publishing.

Inside this isssue...

- this can be Pluto
- person handbook: New Horizons
- concentrate on: Medusa Nebula
- Comets, Asteroids & Meteor Showers
- destiny Tech: Deep area Atomic Clock
- three hundred and sixty five days In Space
- five awesome proof: The Sun
- 10 incredible area Missions
- Interview: Europe's new area agency
- Lunar viewing made easy
- how you can watch a meteor shower
- Binocular astronomy
- how one can view Neptune
- What's within the sky?
- Me & my telescope
- Astronomy gear
- equipment comparison
- Telescope review
- Heroes of area: Charles Messier

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Previously, Banaszkiewicz served as the director of the Space Research Centre of the Polish Academy of Sciences. He is a physicist with an interest in planetary science, more specifically our very own Solar System. com Europe's new space agency How big is the Polish Space Agency? There are two branches in the space agency, one is dedicated to general research, and the other is to defence. We’re just over half a year old, so it is a very new space agency. It won’t be very big, maybe 50 people in total – right now we just have two, including myself!

One of the areas that NASA is keen to look at closely is the study of telomeres. These are the ends of our DNA and they shorten as we age and are subjected to stress. Scientists want to see if Scott’s telomeres shorten more than Mark’s. “They get degraded as we age and that tells us something about the ageing of the chromosome and the continued functionality of the individual,” he adds. Scott’s body clock will slow down, raising the question of the twin paradox, which posits that Scott will come back younger than Mark.

When they do, we call them meteorites and over 61,000 of these have been found on Earth. Most of them are chunks of rock smaller than your hand and the most common place to find them are in the white, icy landscape of Antarctica or the barren desert. Here, the charred and pitted black rocks on the ground stand out like a sore thumb. Not all meteorites come from asteroids either – a handful come from the Moon and Mars. Space agencies like NASA talk about launching sample-return missions, where a robot will visit a celestial body and bring back a chunk of the asteroid for examination on Earth.

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