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The 23 essays (or "love songs") that make up the now vintage quantity Air Guitar trawl a "vast, invisible underground empire" of enjoyment, via list shops, honky-tonks, paintings galleries, jazz golf equipment, cocktail lounges, surf retailers and hot-rod shops, as restlessly at the flow because the the US they depict. Air Guitar pioneered a type of plain-talking in cultural feedback, willingly subjective and continuously candid and direct. A worthwhile studying device for artwork enthusiasts, neophytes, scholars and lecturers alike, Hickey's book—now in its 3rd edition—has galvanized a new release of paintings enthusiasts, with new takes on Norman Rockwell, Robert Mapplethorpe, Stan Brakhage, Andy Warhol and Perry Mason. In June 2009, Newsweek voted Air Guitar one of many most sensible 50 books that "open a window at the instances we are living in, whether or not they deal without delay with the problems of this present day or just support us see ourselves in new and magnificent ways," and defined the publication as "a seamless mixture of feedback, own background, and a deep appreciation for the sheer nuttiness of yankee life." this can be the e-book variation of Air Guitar, initially released in print shape in August 1997.

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