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33), we define the desired control U 0 as A3 Bˆ 3U 0 = −C 3Z3 − A3Fˆ3 − H 3 + X 3des , C 3 = C 3T > 0 (34) where Fˆ3 and Bˆ 3 are the estimates of the unknown nonlinear aerodynamic moment functions F3 and B3 , respectively. , the B3 matrix is square). If this is not the case, some form of control allocation would be required (Enns, 1998, Durham, 1993). The estimates are defined as ˆ , Bˆ = ΦT ( X ) Θ ˆ , for i = 1," , 3 Fˆ3 = ΦTF3 ( X ,U ) Θ F3 B3 B3 3i i (35) i ˆ and Θ ˆ are vectors with where ΦTF3 and ΦTB3 are the known regressor functions, Θ F3 B3i i unknown constant parameters, and Bˆ 3i represents the ith column of Bˆ 3 .

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