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The problem to which we address ourselves here is a different one ; How do we decide whether to throw out a result which appears discordant when there is no known reason to ~uspect it ? If the number of replicate "alues is large, the question of rejecting one value is not an important one; first, a single value will have only a small effect upon the ERROR ANALYSIS AND STATISTICAL DATA ANALYSIS 19 mean, aDd second, statistical considerations give a clear answer regarding the probability that the suspected result is a member of the same population as others.

B) Reverse biased modeljunction. c. c. c. voltmeter and connecting wires etc. Apparatus details : r----- -- Name 0 fl SN . o. appara t us t u_ Type I Rangel I Quantity Rating Make Remarks -- Theory: When a p-type semi-conductor is joined to an n-type semiconductor, the electrons and holes in the region combine and result in a lack of carriers in the regions near the junction. The region of uncovered positive and negative ions is called the depletion region. The diode is a two-terminal device. , no bias (Vd = OV), forward biased (Vd> OV) and reverse biased (Vd < OV).

Another example that may be mentioned is the determination of the strength of solution of hydrochloric acid both by titration with a standard solution of a strong base and by precipitation and weighing as silver chloride. If the results obtained by the two radically different methods are concordant, it is highly probable that the values are correct within small limits of error. (5) Running parallel determinations: These serve as a check on the result of a single determination and show only the precision of the analysis.

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