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By Charles Bukowski

Everyone's favourite soiled previous guy returns with extra boozy stories of awesome insanity.

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There is, of course, no ambition on the part of the Swedes to spread their own language or culture. Old-established free-trade traditions in commercial policy have prevented the Swedes, who are conservative in this respect, from seeking to give their industrialists commercial advantages from aid. Sweden consequently has not tied aid to deliveries from her own country, as almost every other country has done. In Sweden the only motive that could effectively be presented to the people has been human solidarity and compassion toward the needy.

There are many facts in my own country, Sweden-the wider elbow room we ought to feel that we have, because of the higher and relatively more equal levels of income and living, the uniquely perfect organization of the labor market that has brought working days lost by labor conflicts to an international minimum, and, as I should like to believe, the relatively higher rationality in political attitudes in all economic and social strata-that would make it more possible there for economists to open new perspectives in research, as sometimes they have done in this and other fields in past time.

The Vision of the Welfare World In the distant future perspective, I believe, however, that the human valuations that in the developed countries have brought us on the road toward the welfare state cannot halt at national boundaries. Nothing less than a welfare world corresponds to the valuations upon which our domestic social policy has been founded. I cannot be defeatist on this score. Before World War II hardly anyone saw a common responsibility on the part of all the developed nations to aid underdeveloped countries.

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