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By M. J. Economides

This workbook is a realistic significant other to the second one variation of the textbook Reservoir Stimulation. the 2 books are meant for use jointly. This new quantity will be quite helpful for the educational of recent engineers and petroleum engineering scholars, because it comprises nearly a hundred difficulties and their ideas, plus a long bankruptcy giving info priceless for designing a stimulation therapy. Chapters are integrated containing functional difficulties on reservoir and good issues, rock mechanics, fracturing fluids and proppants, fracture calibration remedies, layout and modeling of propped fractures, assessment of fracture remedies, layout of matrix remedies, diversion and therapy assessment, layout and function of acid fractures and stimulation of horizontal wells. those chapters are categorised with letters from A to J to tell apart them from their spouse chapters in Reservoir Stimulation. Equations, figures and tables from the textbook are observed within the workbook yet aren't reproduced.

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8-19 becomes: (E-12) with the width, w, in inches. 2 x lo6. In the right side of Eq. E- 15, the two parentheses denote the maximum width (at the wellbore) and the PKN geometric factor. The product of the two is the average fracture width. In order to calculate the width with the KGD model, Eq. 8-21 with coherent units is transformed into for the common units in Table E-3. Figure E-5 is a graph of the average width for the two models for a range of fracture half-lengths from 100 to 500 ft. As can be seen easily from Eqs.

Xr = 1000 ft. Figure E-2 is the I-yr transient IPR for three fracture halflengths: xf= 500 ft, xf= 1000 ft, and xr= 1500 ft (from Example E- 1 ). 7000 6000 i=v) 5000 L d n! -K 6 2000 iT 1000 0 50 100 150 200 Producing Rate, 9 (STB/d) Figure E-2-Transient IPR curves for Example E-2. tubing. The is 300 SCF/STB, and the wellhead pressure is 0 psi. What would be the producing rates after I yr for x f = 500, 1000 and 1500 ft? Solution (Ref. -ID tubing, Table E-2 can be developed. A plot of the results in Fig.

Table C-2-Flheology of a borate crosslinked fluid containing 40-lb/lOOO gal hydroxypropyl guar. 5 x m. Solution (Ref. Section 5-6) From Eq. 78) (2650 - for Example C-6. 6 x 10-3uf'63, (C-29) ds. c-9 PRACTICAL COMPANION T O RESERVOIR STIMULATION EXAMPLE C-7 Calculation of Stress-Induced Proppant-Pack Permeability Impairment: Long-Term Stresses Use the data in Fig. 5-27 for 20140 sand to calculate the stressinduced permeability reduction for 2000 and 4000 psi drawdown. Will the stress on the proppant pack increase or decrease with time?

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