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By Joseph Agassi

Either a Popper biography and an autobiography, Agassi's A Philosopher's Apprentice tells the riveting tale of his highbrow formation in Nineteen Fifties London, a tender fantastic thinker suffering from an highbrow large - father, mentor, and rival, all even as. His next uprising and announcement of independence results in a painful holiday, by no means to be thoroughly healed. No different author has Agassi's mental perception into Popper, and no different publication captures like this one the highbrow pleasure round the Popper circle within the Nineteen Fifties and the struggles of the Nineteen Sixties and Nineteen Seventies - own, educational, political, all very important philosophically. Agassi's Popper - no matter if one consents with it or now not - is a gigantic contribution to scholarship. This moment revised variation contains additionally Popper's and Agassi's final correspondence and, in a postscript it indicates Agassi leafing via Popper's documents, achieving a type of reconciliation, a suitable finishing to the drama. A needs to learn. Malachi Hacohen, Duke collage

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Popper’s response to him was very forceful and, presumably, it was one of the chief causes of the rapid decline of the status of Lakatos as a philosopher of science among the more informed: as usual his ignorance and extravagance were exposed, yet this time he was no longer there to dismiss the incident with a joke, as he usually did so well, and with so much success. 21 Watkins appears there as a supporter of the philosophies of science of both Popper and Lakatos. Bartley’s contribution to the volume in memory of Lakatos says that Lakatos had added nothing to this field, except for some catchy expressions.

Finally, I emerged with a strong political interest and read Marx and Engels and Lenin and even a bit of Stalin. This last should have triggered the alarm bell,7 but I foolishly managed to postpone the alarm for a while, since I had meanwhile joined a minuscule political-educational group, mainly students, that was busy helping bring about the worldrevolution and even attempting to cure the rabid anti-Semitism of the Soviet Communist Party no less. It also made sincere efforts to overcome the Soviet hostility to the Jewish settlement in Palestine.

What Popper is on record as having said on that concession, taken literally, cannot be true, as it is a self-incrimination: he suggested that possibly his concession was not sincere ņ as he said that it was the mere outcome of my alleged wish (in later versions the wish became a demand) that he further my career by some such concession. Now, the philosopher told me many a time, and I think in truth, the following story: his colleagues, the members of the “Vienna Circle” in the twenties and the thirties, demanded a concession from him as a condition for inviting him to their company.

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