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By Michael Oard

The writer offers a radical evaluate of the foundation of 1 of the Earth’s most renowned icons, Grand Canyon. mentioning abundant geomorphological facts, he attributes the canyon’s formation to occasions that happened close to the tip of the Noachian Flood. He indicates that ahead of the canyon itself might have been eroded, millions of ft of strata have been got rid of through vast sheet erosion. Then he develops the speculation that the canyon used to be swiftly carved by way of late-Flood channelized erosion. Oard additionally cites proof which demonstrates that the evolutionists’ uniformitarian rules are very faraway from supplying passable reasons. He additionally examines some of the creationist hypotheses, together with the dam-breach speculation, and unearths all of them to be wanting.

This booklet, on hand basically as an publication, is written to the extent of well-educated laypersons, and is seriously referenced to supply substance in case you are extra technically orientated. There are a few 134 figures unfold all through its anticipated 328 pages.

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He has published several research articles in journals and technical monographs of the American Meteorological Society. He has also authored, coauthored, or served as editor of nineteen creationistic books, and has published over 200 related articles in the creation science technical literature. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Creation Research Society, and is an adjunct speaker for Creation Ministries International. net/. Acknowledgements Writing a book is a team effort. To all those who have conducted field work in the Grand Canyon area, thank you for making me think.

That is why mainstream scientists write a lot of research papers and gather together for major meetings on the subject every few years. What is holding up a real explanation for the canyon? In short, it is because of mainstream geology’s assumptions that undergird all of the hypotheses. 11 Grand Canyon’s origin requires a catastrophic explanation—a great inundation by water—as will be shown. Their stubborn refusal to recognize the history found in Genesis has resulted in a framework that will always end in confusion.

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