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By Dave Frary

Professional counsel and strategies for development plastic, wooden, plaster, paper, and steel buildings. comprises roofing, portray, weathering, and detailing info.

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It's your building, and you've got every good reason to alter it to your tastes. Better yet, just like any kind of kitbashing, changing the model to coincide with your druthers will make it distinctively yours, and means it won't look like every building made from the same kit. © Pete Laier kitbashed this Campbell HO brewery. A lot of the work involved altering roof angles. Roofing ideas YOUR RAILROAD below eye level (and most most important aspects of your structures. ) see the roofs first, — are simple.

The cap STORING AND PRESERVING DECALS this. — if you leave them out Decals are a lot like bread in the air too long they become stale. Stale decals are hard or impossible to apply; often they just fall apart because the clear carrier film has become brit- tle and fractured. To preserve them, store decals in a tightly sealed Ziplock or Daisy seal-a-meal bag, and keep them where the temperature and humidity don't change a lot over the course of the year (for most of us, that's the basement). I've got 10-year-old custom-made decals that are still good as new.

He diluted shoe dye (not shoe polish, but shoe dye, available at shoe-repair shops), an aniline dye, with denatured alcohol (shellac thinner). result is The an excellent all-purpose, quick-drying wood stain. need one bottle each of brown and black shoe and some tall bottles with good seals. By varying the proportions of the two dye colors and the alcohol you can come up with an infinite variety of wood tones, but here are three good ones: You'll dye, a pint of denatured alcohol, Alcohol stains for wood 70 drops black shoe dye allows the toner to "stratify" — the (and stronger) the toner you'll get.

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