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Color Efex Pro is ideal for image editing program Photoshop and other editors and increase color images. To access the Color Efex Pro All you need to do is go to filter and choose program.Po you to the window to open the complete filter now many kinds of video and other sports events, traveling, as the effect of the Color EfexPro not agree with you you have a manual exercise, you can specify the appropriate settings for the image .Shine,saturated vignetof noise are just some of them; They look very natural or represent any sense Integration of Color Efex Pro all. Although you can set the trigger, and then to apply it to specific areas using other instruments, such as: whether the color blocks. The possibilities are amazingly compatible with the following editor. — Photoshop CS

— Photoshop Elements

— Photoshop Lightroom

— Apple Aperture

Color Efex Pro 4

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