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Set in the present, in Paterson, New Jersey, is the story of a bus driver and a poet. Patterson (Adam Driver) is a bus driver in the city of Paterson, New Jersey — they share a name. Every day, Patterson comply with simple routine: he leads hariannyalaluan, viewing the city as he drifts inwindshield and fragments of overheard conversation swirling around her; He wrote poems in a notebook; he walks with a dog; He stopped at the bar and drink beer makaredna. He went home to his wife, Laura (GolshifteFarahani). There is such, Laura world is constantly changing. new dream came to him almostevery day, every moment, and inspired by the project. Patterson Laura, and she loves him. It supports the ideals of the new; He won a mystery gift for poetry. History and energy felt in the city of Paterson ialahkehadiran movie and simple structure is made within one week. quiet success and failurein everyday life are respected, along with poetry is evident in the smallest details.

depth look at the life and music of Manchester based rock band Oasis.

Paterson 2016

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