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Secure Folder is a simple and effective way to sensitive documents from prying eyes on your computer verstecken.Mit protected folder, you can lock the files and folders so that they are available not only for users but also for other Windows applications,which can not be seen, stay Plus, this program is very easy to use: just drag and drop folders and files you want to protect in the interface, or choose from a selection sesuaiPilihanPapka configuration Kontextmenü.Andere IP, including the ability to limit read and / or write access,protected so that files can not be read, copied, moved, deleted or modified. Not included in this list, you can filter the files that you want to protect. Furthermore, the program does not contain any other folder Einstellungen.Geschützter is simple, effectiveand it does what it says on the tin. Users who are more security applications kompleksmengharapkanvozmozhno elsewhere suchen.Mit folder you can easily protect your personal documents secure from prying eyes.

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