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Jesse Dean newly discharged soldier who had a rough education, but because his wife, totally devoted to God and their faith. He and his wife moved to Philadelphia, so the disclosure of a new job as the new head of the old church he can be taken down. If all goes well, and if he starts to connect to the community, he found that it was not an abortion clinic across the street from the church. He went to church pastors and others, and tried in vain to get help for her. One day something happened that tragic and personal between him forever to go about their daily routines. He came to the point that he began to take action. He was involved, but the more he is involved in, the more resistance to the church and society. His wife, allegedly to shoot him or his actions landed him in jail, also against him.

A man (Joel Smallbone) tried to rescue two young sisters who had driven cross country in a single payment after they were found in the back of a truck.

A young war veterans belonging to her wedding and a new work with the Department in this area across the street from an abortion clinic in the building risk move.

Voiceless 2016

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