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In this issue

MechRunner are endless action game so throw a powerful machine

in a beautiful movie fight ruthless robot army.

game story

On June 30, 1908 mysterious explosion occurred over Tunguska

River in Siberia, Russia, which wiped out the trees and wildlife for more than 800

square miles. To this very day the greatest event in our impact

recorded history of the planet.

In the following years, a few dozen scientific expeditions

The site tried to explain the disaster, but failed to get any

conclusions. In mid-1940, however, a team of researchers from

Russian secret service to visit the site discovered the remains

Alien spacecraft with technology that significantly exceeded our own. of

next year, the KGB works by this mysterious

New source of energy and a new program secret weapon — in

The section on advanced weapons or «»

They thought they could discover control of the new government, but

He began to do runs over their machines. He began his riding men

We act crazy. The man responsible for General Yuri

Petrakoff looked vulnerable, and on April 14, 1949

Petrakoff launched a full-scale attack on Europe.

One of the leading engineers Petrakoff for Jesper Teterev, the AWOL and leaves

program began, carefully, what is happening. He has to live in

The secret of his sister Isabel and her niece, Alison. While on the run

But Jesper (with the help of a novice engineer and pilot Allison)

It was making its own mechanized war machine called the XP-41

some may someday need to fend off the evil’s

creations. He was right.


MechRunner is mixed action game full of style with a fast and furious

Government changed the work of wine!

This is a «runner» that the player is constantly moving forward during

recycling of deadly force, but what makes it unique is that

you pilot a giant robot capable of making some serious havoc!

Other endless runners elements of action, but nothing more than that. heat

Looking missiles, heavy caliber laser cannons and concussion

Bomb meet destroyed buildings, debris littered streets and tons

piece can quickly create enemies, visually


A typical game can last from a few seconds to a few minutes

game. The higher the skill, the longer you play, the more rewards

They will collect, and the more content you can unlock!


Carefully detailed, fast action

Switching between the tank and robot-to-date

Piece of bone off enemies in the movie mode!

A huge arsenal of weapons, customization and power-ups,

3 unique environment that seamlessly fit together — to decide when

it’s time to switch

Procedurally generated levels infinite variety

Many types of enemy with different tactics

Epic boss battles!

Dynamic environmental barriers

Free sheets, upgrades and achievements

Rescue civilians and sent security

Incredible Hollywood soundtrack

Optional automatic control — play with your mouse or controller


1. Create a message

2. Mount or burn image

3. Install

4. Copy the contents of the folder SKIDROW cracked and main

Installation Guide and replacement

5. Close the game in the firewall and we cracked content as brand

secure / trusted anti-virus program

6. Play the game

7. Support business software actually enjoy it!


All friends of the family and respected groups compete with each other!


Divine great duet

malodix + irokos

titanium artdivision

MechRunner SKIDROW

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