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17 real recreation of legendary synthesizers, organs, electric pianos and much more to help you make music music historyenhanced tomorrow.

5 V Collection is a collection of glittering dreams keyboard legend behind many hits from 60 years ago for six minutes before. Our technology is the award-winning model faithfully reproduces the original features survive to the very soul of this instrument in a way that simply can not sample.

We also took a great leap in improving the characteristics of the event creators never dreamed oflike devices bring Polyphony of mono synths Youve always loved. With more than 5000 presets including designer Analog Lab 2 makes it easy to take advantage of all the power to get just the right sound for the sessions and exhibits.

All-star lineup keyboard

5 V Collection offers classic keyboard youve ever dreamed of having.

Do you prefer to Step 73 or Murli? Well, that song has a classic B3, Continental and Farfisa? And Mini, 2600, Matrix season or stay fit in this song? Now you do not have to choose because V Collection 5 each main key areas Youve ever lusted in your fingers all honest realism. Each of them has inspired many hitsand we can not wait to see what you do with 17 of them.

With V Collection 5 have established full keyboard largest thoroughbred of all time.

key features

Including 17 software titles: Analog Lab, Synclavier V, B-3 V, Mini V, piano V, rated 73 V, Matrix-12 V, Farfisa V, Solina V, SEM V, Murli V, Jupp-8 V , ARP 2600, CS-80 v, Prophet, Vox Continental v, Season

Each virtual instrument in the V Collection can be used as query alone or as VST, AU, or AAX plug

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High resolution graphical display interface compatible with many large

All tools have a similar interface to view, edit (save, import, export …)

Easy MIDI controller keyboard each map.

Easy to install and license management: Arturia Software Center.

More than 5,000 high quality and innovative sounding environment.

Analog Lab 2 — 5 V environments collection can be viewed and edited from a single interface

Arturias patented technology, TAE, ensuring that all modeling tool Analog sound and behave exactly like the original.

Manual in English, Japanese and French


Arturia V Collection 5

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