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Netherlands Mac (Ryan Gosling) is a private eye down-on-his-luck Los Angeles hired enforcer, people injured for life in 1977. Jackson Hili (Russell Crove). Fate turned into an unexpected partner by a young woman named Amelia (Margaret Kuallei) mysteriously disappeared. Healy and Mac will learn the hard way that some dangerous people and Amelia find. Central Intelligence 2016 English Torrent Download

Their investigation leads them into dark places, and all involved in the case other end seems dead.

In 1970 in Los Angeles down-on-his-luck private detective hired Healy Netherlands Mac and must cooperate Jackson enforcement to solve the case of the girl and the death unrelated to the porn star, is lost. During their research, they discovered a frightening conspiracy that reaches to the highest circles of power.

Language pair investigate by private eyes, pale outwardly porn star in the 1970s in Los Angeles. Behind the scenes in Los Angeles in 1977, open the two men, if you licensed a single father and PU Dutch in March (Gosling) rent is investigating the apparent suicide of a famous porn star Misty Mountains. Since the path it takes a girl named Amelia (Kuallei) track, he met with a licensed less hands-off private detective Jackson Hili (Crove Russell) and his brass knuckles, both presented by a young hippie. However, the situation worsened when taken Amelia disappeared and it became clear that Macs are not the only players. Because they had to work both, have in the world with the strange Bully to take clad stripper as a mermaid, and government conspiracy.


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